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Mission: The Delta Police Department is committed to being progressive, competent and impartial. We take pride in preserving the quality of life while building partnerships within the community.


From the Commander
The staff of the Delta Police Department are professionals who take pride in providing the citizens of Delta quality police service. Through the philosophy of building partnerships with the citizens, we move forward as a community. As Commander of the Delta Police Department I am honored to watch as the men and women of this organization give their best each and every day. Not to bring light to themselves, but because they know it is the right thing to do for our team and our community. I am optimistic as I visualize the future of the agency and community, as we continue to strive for excellence.

The Investigations Unit of the Delta Police Department is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed within the City. Investigators are responsible for preparing thorough cases to present to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution. Investigators can be contacted at 970-874-7676.

Public Safety Commitment
Maintaining quality of life in the community, while continuing to respect individuals liberties and personal dignity, will be the benchmark used to guage our success in the delivery of public safety services.. Remaining mindful of the people's will and continuing to be responsive to the community's needs will be the standard that our performance is measured. The reduction of criminal activity as it affects quality of life is our mission, and it will continue to be as long as crime deprives citizens of the right to feel secure in their homes. The delivery of timely, courteous, professional and quaility services is the mandate to all men and women of the Delta Police Department. Our pledge is to embrace the community in solving problems, and in doing so, to solicit their input and ideas, with the ultimate goal being open communications and to maintain positive relationships.

Delta Police Department Rules
The rules of the Delta Police Department are an integral component of the values based organization. Our values, mission organizational philosophies and operational principles are manifested in our rules, which establish standards of conduct. Members comply with the following rules:

Compliance With Value Based Directive
System Members of the department maintain familiarity with, perform their duties according to, and conduct themselves within the framework of the department's values based directive system.

Conformance With Laws
Members obey the laws of the United States of America and any State or local jurisdiction. A conviction for violation of a law is prima facie evidence of a violation of this rule.

Members will be truthful in matters associated with department responsibilities.

Respect For Others
Members treat others courteously, with fairness and respect.

Public Trust
Members are entrusted to effectively, helpfully, and non-abusively use the power and public trust vested in them.

Members always use their position and credentials appropriately.

Members (commissioned & non-commissioned members) do not abuse the authority conferred upon them or the trust of the community they are sworn to serve.

Commissioned members do not take any police action which they know or should know is not in accordance with law.

Gifts and Gratuities
Members do not use their department status to seek, or accept, any favors, gifts or gratuities not allowed by City Code, or would not ordinarily be afforded to the general public.

Adherence To Orders
Members obey lawful orders

Members use reasonable judgement and refrain from conduct which reflects unfavorable on the department: This type of conduct includes that which: brings the department into disrepute; reflects discredit upon the individual as a member of the department; or tends to impair the operation, effectiveness or efficiency of the department or its members.

Cooperation In Investigations
Members assist any department-authorized investigation.

Security of Police Information
Members treat the official business of the department as confidential. Members do not: access, review or remove any department report or record for other than department purposes; communiciate any information which may jeopardize an investigation, arrest, police action, prosecution, or which may aid a person to escape, destroy, or remove evidence; or communiciate any information which may endanger the safety or well being of others or jeopardize the operation of the department.

organization philosophies & principles

We accomplish our mission through collective contributions of our people and the community.