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  • Assistance with obtaining public records including law enforcement reports
  • Information about restraining orders, protective orders/other support services
  • Financial assistance
  • Special services for juveniles, elderly, children and disabled victims
  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Local referrals and medical and other emergency services
  • Translation services
  • Transportation and child care services legal resources

victim's advocate

City of Delta Police Department
Contact Information

If you are a victim of a crime and need support and guidance, or if you have suggestions for our program or would like to become a trained volunteer please contact our Victim Services Coordinator: Becki Havens.

Phone: 970-874-7676 ext. 213


The Delta Police Department understands that crime is unpredictable and everyone is a potential victim regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, financial or cummunity standing. Being a victim is always a traumatic experience, and the victim often feels "lost" in the system. Our Victim Advocate Unit is designed to assist the victim, witnesses and their family and friends who have experienced a traumatic incident from the moment it is reported until it is through the judicial system, offering the victim emotional support and information to move from being a victim of crime to a survivor.

We believe in the Victims Bill of Rights and are committed to providing assistance to those victims. The program has staff and volunteers who are trained to listen, offer support and give victims the information and/or referrals they need. This also includes crime victims compensation that will assist with expenses and therapy.