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public works Contact information

City of Delta Public Works

Contact Information
Phone: 970-874-7901 Fax: 970-874-8776 Betsy Suerth, Utility Director/Public Works Director

Bill Chick, Public Works Supervisor Phone: 970-874-7913 email:

Rod Myers, Fleet & Facilities Manager. Phone: 970-874-7566, ext 229; Fax 970-874-1165; email:

Address: 640 W 4th Street, Delta, CO 81416

Public Works is responsible for fleet management, snow removal, stormwater control, street development & maintenance and city engineering.

standards & specifications

City of Delta Public Works
Standards & Specifications


Contractor Handout for Construction of Public Utilities

Drawing Standards Checklist

Contractor Handout for Construction of Public Utilities

stormwater design

City of Delta Public Works
Stormwater Design

snow removal information

City of Delta Public Works
Snow Removal Information

Snow events within the City of Delta have generally been fairly minor, but when a response is necessary the City of Delta snow policy is to plow streets according to priority. These priorities are based primarily on emergency access to the hospital, heavily traveled roads and school bus routes. Local streets are not plowed or treated until the other routes are passable. The City, County and CDOT all work together on those roads that are jointly maintained. The critieria used for dispatching snow equipment are the following: At least 1 -2 inches of accumulation of snow, or Blowing Snow or Icy conditions due to rain or snow melt or a combination of winter season factors that are reducing the drivability of the roads. Each property owner is responsible for maintaining the the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Do not throw the snow in the gutter as this causes additional icing and does not allow the water from melting snow/ice to efficiently flow to the storm drains. We ask that each property owner do their best to clear their driveways as necessary. The City treats parking areas adjacent to the drive lanes as a lower priority than local streets, which means they will not have the snow removed. The City does maintain parking lots in the downtown area to help mitigate parking issues for shoppers and employees. If you are physically unable to remove the snow that the plows push into your driveways we encourage you to contact a neighbor or one of the many private companies that work within the City. If have you questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Department.

Snow Removal Map

delta county control

City of Delta Public Works

Surveyors will use the parameters set-up by the Delta County Control Grid Program as created by the Mesa County Surveyor. This area falls under the Delta County Local Coordinate System (DCLCS). The following website provides additional information for the DLCS and the Real Time Virtual Reference Network (RTVRN) -

Regional Survey Network

City of Delta Survey Control Map

Street Sweeping
The street sweeper tries to maintain a dust free operation to the extent possible. However, due to irregularities in the street surface it is difficult to make a complete seal with the vacuum unit resulting in occasional dust clouds during operations. The public works department is working to correct these irregularities, but most will require a complete rebuild of the street which will take many years.